Tax & Financial Standards: a new information service has been launched

At the request of our benefactor EuroCases, we would like to announce the launching of its new European information service Tax & Financial Standards (T&FSt). It is available in 4 languages – Bulgarian, English, German and French, and encompasses the economic rules and legal norms, regulating the commercial and financial relations in the European common market, as well as the ECJ practices in this area.

To ensure equal tax treatment by The Member States of supplies of goods and services and movement of capital, related to economic activities, the product includes regulated types of transactions, fiscal and social obligations, categories and concepts for individual commercial operations, assets and liabilities.

T&FSt only provides the economic elements from a rich set of judgments and related documents, laid down by the European Court of Justice. In doing so, it shows from a strictly legal information only those accents that are relevant to the practice of the economic sphere experts. The unique content and functionality of T&FSt make the service an indispensable tool for all tax consultants, auditors, financial and accounting professionals.

If you would like to get further information about Tax & Financial Standards, you can visit the official site

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