The European Case-law Blog is an initiative of a group of legal practitioners who have the ambition to promote important decisions of national courts across Europe with relevance to EU law. Taking the first step in January 2016 with the publication of a representative selection of recent national judgments with EU connotation from several EU member states, we strive to raise this blog to a cross-border media for sharing experience and knowledge on the application of EU legislation from national jurisdictions. To this end, we will keep track of the current developments at the level of jurisprudence in the EU member states and post the most interesting national cases on a regular basis. We also “give the floor” to experienced and young academics as well as legal professionals with a strong background in teaching and applying EU law for comments and analysis of the latest landmark cases of national courts and the EU Court of Justice.

Publication of judgments or comments

Judgments are posted on the blog in full text (or addressed with a link to the source publication) in the language of the case, but always accompanied by a summary in English. Followers and readers are kindly invited to contribute with cases dealing with matters governed by EU law or to comment on decisions already published on this web site. To have a judgment published on this blog, please send its text (or a link to the web resource where it is published) with a short summary in English to europeancaselawblog@gmail.com. Only cases with summaries in English will be posted on the blog. All contributions and comments are subject to prior editorial verification and publication control.


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