Denied boarding

The German Federal Court (BGH) on the obligation of an air carrier to pay compensation in case of re-booking of a flight

BGH, Urteil vom 17.03.2015, X ZR 34/14

In the present case the German Federal Court (Bundesgerichtshof) examined whether an air carrier is obliged to pay compensation due to denied boarding also in cases when the passenger, who already has a booked flight, is being denied boarding to his booked flight before he could check-in at the planned time. The passengers were informed that their flight was changed and re-booked which resulted in their arriving at the planned destination six hours later as with the original flight and they should have been informed about the change in accordance with Article 5 (1) (c) (I) of the Passenger Regulation at least two weeks before the planned departure time (in the present case planned for 28th of October at 09:00 hours).